Anger Management

According to Linkedin, emotional control and anger management are one of the top three high-demand soft skills, along with creative thinking and cooperative skills. Anger is a “tsunami” emotion that can ruin a career, a business, friendship, a personal relationship and even a life. It means, being familiar with the techniques of how to manage it makes a person more successful, highly employable and much happier than those who can’t control their emotions.
The seminar will not only let you become familiar with the mechanism and reasons of anger and negative emotions in general, but will also provide you with the specific instruments that will help you to master the skill of managing negative emotions.
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9 steps to live again

Everyone is familiar with crises, failures, trains of misfortune. How can one handle all of that without antidepressants and long term sessions with a psychologist or a life coach? How can one get onto a positive wave again and get away from the killer waves destroying us from inside? This seminar will provide you with the answers and specific instruments.
Anyway, everything in our life depends on perception. You will learn how to deal with perception at the seminar. Moreover, you will be provided with some proven and effective ways and exercises on how to manage it.
We feel various emotions (positive, negative or neutral) through the lenses of perception. Getting onto the right wave or riding out onto the right takeoff runway in your life actually means the techniques of transforming the negative way of thinking and feeling into the positive one. Having mastered these simple techniques and skills of managing emotions, we will be able to become more self confident and happy in life.
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Passcode for happiness

We have got used that whenever we need to have access or get connected to any resource from an electronic device, we have to enter or obtain a passcode. Happiness and satisfaction, as well as enjoyment are conditions and likewise we get connected to them from time to time (for different duration times). Sometimes we get disconnected from them (“connection” becomes lost). However, we can’t go on without it.
Happiness and life satisfaction are something all of us aim at subconsciously. We wish it for our closest ones. Our life becomes empty, dull and senseless without it. It’s the final goal of all our goals.
There is no universal formula of happiness, nevertheless we all feel, experience and easily recognize it. Happiness has many aspects. A lot of things can make us feel happy: events, gifts, words, actions, processes, occurrences, etc.
On the one hand, everyone has his or her own sources of happiness, as well as the time of getting “connected” to this condition. On the other hand, happiness sources are known and limited, “connection” to them and its duration depend on us, our thoughts and feelings and what is most important, on choices we make.
This seminar will improve your knowledge about happiness and the ways of how to feel it more often.
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The Way from a Baby-Boy to a Hero

While watching movies or TV programs about heroes, listening to stories about the heroes of today, or playing the role of a virtual hero in games, any boy actually dreams deep inside of becoming a hero in reality and others following him. He dreams of others admiring him and feeling proud of him. A boy needs to feel himself someone who has succeeded in making his dreams become true and unlocking his potential. He often doesn’t know how he can do it, in what field and by what means. Sometimes, his dreams remain just dreams and his ideas remain just ideas. He will live his life without being satisfied.

Any boy is destined to become a hero, and it doesn’t mean a hero in the army, in a military conflict or a special operation. Heroism is a certain way of life, a certain way of thinking, a certain attitude towards the world and the relationship with it. Boys are not taught all of that at schools, universities and often even in families. This seminar will help everyone to have a more clear vision of the way of a hero, its steps and key points.

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The Nature of the Woman and the Key to the Woman’s Happiness

All of us dream to be loved, happy, cared of. We need to be princesses and queens, but instead sometimes we become poor victims of life, maidservants living downstairs. We look at happy women and believe that they were just lucky enough to meet their princes without making any efforts. But is it true?
What is the nature of women and the main points of reasonable interaction with the opposite sex? There is a well known saying: “A woman’s happiness and unhappiness are located at the tip of her tongue” meaning that whether she will become a beloved one or the one others want to escape from depends on what she says, how and to whom. Girls are taught how to impress men, how to manipulate them, control them, make men marry them, but girls are not taught how to feel happy with men.
The seminar will help to better understand the women’s nature and the main secret why men want us. The secret of the magnet that attracts, not pushes back
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Why do I have such a … life?

We often ask ourselves this question, especially when everything seems to be bad: when we are having problems at work, no good friends, poor personal relationships, when we are feeling unhappy about our appearance, health, achievements. Why does it happen? What can we do? How can we change anything? What should we start with?
At the seminar, we will split our life into many pieces like a puzzle, we will look for cause-and-effect relations, inputs and outputs. You will get familiar with such notions as reality maps, life scenarios, beliefs, platforms, etc., as well as with simple instruments for changing your life for the better.
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Self confidence

Self-confidence is the key to success and well-being in various spheres of life, including work, sport, business, personal relationships. However, the most important thing is that self-confidence is the strong basis of a good relationship with ourselves.
Self-confidence is multidimensional, but first of all it’s related to knowing yourself: who I am, what I am, what I want, what resources I have to reach my goals, my strong and weak points, etc. Someone who is not enough self-confident will always experience difficulties in building relationships, in communicating with others, in feeling self-contained, satisfied and happy.
This seminar will cover the main aspects of self-confidence: its features, types, structure, the relation between self-confidence and self-esteem, the obstacles and the ways to overcome them.
“I’m not self-confident”, “I lack self-confidence” are not a verdict. It’s just the matter of lacking knowledge and certain skills. This seminar will help you to fill this gap and to take another glance at yourself.
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